December 31, 2015


Happy New Year


        We sincerely hope that you have had a wonderful 2015.  There are a couple of tax updates that we would like you to be aware of:


  • Congress did finally extend many tax provisions again this year.  We are anxious to review these with you when we meet in the next few months.


  • The Affordable Care Act is now fully implemented.  Please refer to our enclosed information sheet to know what forms will be required to be brought to us for the preparation of your returns.


    We will be able to begin preparing your returns as soon as you receive all of your tax documents and information.  We anticipate the IRS processing of tax returns will begin in late January 2016. Be sure to make notes as you become aware of tax questions during the next few weeks so we can address them when we visit.


    We all get so many tax forms in the mail each January and February that it is increasingly important that you carefully examine your mail and save those tax statements and forms.  They provide necessary information to allow your returns to be filed accurately and completely.


    For those of you keeping your business records on QuickBooks or Quicken computer software, we ask that you bring in a backup of your files.  Many of our questions can be answered when we have the ability to access your accounting detail.


    Our tax information sheet has been revised to assist you in organizing your income tax records for the current year.  We must insist that you each fill out this sheet and sign it before we can prepare your returns.  This is a requirement of the Treasury Department. You will see as you fill out the sheet that you are acknowledging the accuracy and completeness of the information you are providing us. 


    We can provide limited information to you if you wish to contact us with questions at our website at


    During the past few months several of our clients have been contacted by individuals claiming to be from the Internal Revenue Service.  Please note that you will NEVER be contacted by the IRS by phone or e-mail as a first contact.  If you find yourself in communication with anyone on the phone or internet, please hang up or close your internet connection. It is most unfortunate that individuals will prey on the unsuspecting.  Contact our offices for more information on these scams.


    We look forward to visiting with each of you in the coming months.  We are very grateful that you allow us the opportunity to provide your accounting and tax services.  Please have a very a Happy New Year.



    Dennis & Valerie - Brady & Amy - Roberta & Marty – Brenda - Carol 

October 10, 2015

Start now to accumulate your 2015 income and expense information.  Fall tax planning can be useful and financially rewarding.  Contact our office for a time to sit down and review your past year's activity.  Questions arise in all of our day to day activities, call us to discuss these matters.